Sunday, December 27, 2009

Playing Catch Up to 'Sploding Jihadis

Airlines are scrambling to intensify security so that people will feel safe enough to fly. But the fact is that an imaginitive terrorist will always be one step ahead of unimaginative security efforts, which will always be focused on the previous threat. Which means we have to take off our shoes, because of the shoe bomber, and put our Oil of Olay into tiny little bottles, because of the shampoo bomber, and now we'll have to be patted down in the groinal region and  spend the final hour of a flight in our seats with nothing in our laps, because of Mr. Nigerian Hot Pants bomber.

What next? Exploding bras? Bombs secreted in anal suppositories? (Oops! Sorry--don't mean to give 'em any ideas. But if I can imagine such scenarios, surely officials can too. Then again, I'm not looking forward to the day we'll be ordered to forgo undergarments and be subjected to a body cavity search prior to boarding.)

Update: The "body bomb" is a new trend, apparently.

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