Friday, December 25, 2009

Do They Know It's Christmas?

Ho Ho Ho! The indefatigable Lynch mob isn't letting a little thing like Christmas interefere with its keeping tabs on a mighty "dangerous" kitty. Not by a long shot, right Burl?

See the holly jolly censor,
At the best time of the year.
Even though there's mistletoe
They're busy spreading "cheer".
See the holly jolly censor.
Keepin' tabs on all who "hate"
Don't relent, make 'em repent
'Cause they "discriminate".

Grinch, Grinch, not Jenny Lynch,
So virtuous and pure.
Wants a utopia.
Means well, that's for sure.

See the holly jolly censor
And in case you disagree.
Oh, by golly
Tell the holly jolly censor:
"Bite me!"