Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Selection from the Musical 'Oh Obama!'

[Barney Frank sings]

Poor bill is dead, poor health bill is dead
All gather 'round its coffin now and cry.
It aimed to do such good
And be like a Robin Hood.
Oh, why'd our good intentions fail to fly?

Poor bill is dead.
Poor health bill is dead.
It croaked when Coakley choked election night.
Now we'll never get the chance
To run a sector large as France,
And we might as well admit we've lost the fight.


Then the Hopeychanger'd get up and he'd say:
"Folks, we are gathered here to moan and groan over our sister Martha
Who hung our hopes out to dry by bein' an ass in Massachussets."
And then there'd be weepin' an' wailin' --- from some of those Democrats---
Then they'd say, "Bill was the most misunderstood plan in the land.
People liked to think it was a mean, ugly sleight of hand that meant to scoop up oodles of power from the people and hand it to a bunch of government bureaucrats--forever...


Poor bill is dead.
Poor health bill is dead.
The GOP are whoopin' all around [Barry: all around]
Pelosi in the House
Will give out a grumblin' grouse
Because poor bill's been tackled to the ground.

[The bill sings:]

Poor bill is dead
They'll have choice now instead.
The bill's a goner--dead as a doornail.
 ([Barry] a doornail)
And folks are feelin' sad
'Cuz it used to make 'em glad
To know the left's agenda would prevail.
([Barry] would prevail.)

[Barney, Barry and the bill sing]
Poor bill is dead
A gun to its head
It's lookin' oh so frayed and so forlorn.
We thought Americans were sheep
And it would pass without a peep
But Mass voters were enraged and won't be shorn.

Poooooor biiiiiiiiiil
Poooooor biiiiiiiiiil

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