Monday, September 27, 2010

A Caricature of Free Speech

In the ongoing 'toon wars, I know who I'm siding with: those brave 'toonists who dare to defy Islamic codes of blasphemy and defend the Western tradition of freedom, one which often involves taking the mickey out of the pompous, the priggish, the sanctimonious and the self-important. That puts me at odds with the most prominent Jewish organization in Canada, which has decided to stand with a Francophone 'toonist who seems to have a unfortunate propensity for drawing Jewish stars in compromising positions, and who took part in a UN 'tooning effort--Cartoonists for Peace--of which the Jewish outfit wholeheartedly approves.

A quick gander at the Cartoonists for Peace website reveals that it came about in response to those "blasphemous" Motoons. As such, it is an execrable exercise in dhimmitude which all lovers of freedom--true freedom, not the PC/UN/OIC version--should shun.

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Paul said...

... new day and a new episode in in the Bernie and Frankie "Who's an Anti-semite" Show.

[Gee, you'd think they'd have their hands full with at least 50 rabid Canadian Muslim Imams.]