Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Zionhass Cruise On Tap This Sat.

If you aren't doing anything this Saturday night, you might want to set sail on a real ship of fools--the sunset cruise/fundraiser for the goin' postal blockade-busters' fast boat to Gaza. ("International condemnation of Israel’s brutal siege of Gaza has been growing steadily since Israel’s unprovoked murder of nine international activists aboard the Mavi Marmara in May of 2010. Canadians of good conscience will be sending a humanitarian ship to Gaza in autumn 2010 in order to break the siege, bringing much needed aid, and further international attention to this humanitarian catastrophe.")

Me? I think I'd rather pass a kidney stone--or twelve. Or maybe hold a fundraiser at Wonderland to rebuild a Hamas-razed Gaza water park. (I wonder if the owner of the Women's Bookstore, one of the places selling tickets for the fools' cruise, knows that Gaza's rulers torched the park because chicks and guys were seen to be comingling, a big no-no in sharia-ridden Gaza.)

Update: A song they won't be playing on the fools' cruise:

You know we're sufferin' from Zionhass.
'Humanitarians' who think like us
Make a fuss.
Our soft hearts are breakin',
Look what the Jooos have taken.
That we can hide behind Hamas
Is such a plus.
Please listen to our claims
Tho' we have sh*t for brains
And we practise Zionhass.

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