Monday, September 27, 2010

Freedom's Just Another Word For Don't Bother Reading Franzen's Crappy Book

I was going to write about my stab at reading Jonathan Franzen's latest novel, Freedom--an attempt that ended around a third of the way through when the author's political leanings/Bush Derangement Syndrome became too much to bear. But now it looks like I don't have to, since this book review pretty much sums it up re the over-hyped book's overall crappiness.

Update: No mention of Franzen's BDS, but this one's good too.


Tim Johnston said...

I think this is the most devastating book review I've ever read - I'd love to see her destroy Yann Martel !

scaramouche said...

There's a pretty devasting take-down of Martel's Holocaust critter book in the current Commentary Magazine (alas, it's being a firewall so I can't link to it).