Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Elmo, He Man

Who knew the furry little dude had it in him? From the Ceeb:
Police in central Florida say a man dressed as the "Sesame Street" character was attacked Saturday at a music store in Winter Park, but he was able to fend off the attacker.
The fight broke out around 3 p.m. The costumed man had been hired to perform as Elmo at a children's event at Guitar Center, but police say the attacker began throwing punches at Elmo.

The performer fought back, even breaking a few fingers on his attacker's hand.

Police haven't released the names of either man. Officers broke up the fight and took the attacker to the hospital, where he was treated and detained for a mental health evaluation. Police say Elmo was unhurt, and that no children saw the fight.
Well, that's a comfort, anyway. The spectacle would surely have been even more disturbing than the sight of Katy Perry's cleavage.

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