Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Price Multiculti?

If your government goes ahead and designates an entire month each year as "Islamic History Month" (a really dumb idea to begin with), you're more or less obliged to hang out with sweet Wahida and the gang of zesty Zion-loathers over at the Canadian Islamic Congress for at least part of it.

Along with the CIC, other sponsors of the month-long shill-fest, include:
Islamic Circle of North America-Canada (ICNA), Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC), the Canadian Muslim Forum (CMF), the Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM), Canadian Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), the Coalition of Muslim Organization (COMO), the Ottawa Muslim Association (OMA), the Human Concern International (HCI), the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), the High Commission and the Government of Malaysia, AlBukhary Foundation and the law firms of McCarthy T├ętrault, Philips & Vineberg, Michel W. Drapeau Law Firm, Quadra Systems Corporation as well as many Canadian and international corporations and individuals, both financially and in-kind, too many to list...
Some past "generous sponsors": the Islamic Development Bank, an  establishment that's big into sharia financing; the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen, a country that's big into jihad; and the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, like Yemen a member of the modern-day caliphate, the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

I have no doubt that all these lovely folks seek merely to educate us about the sheer wonderfulness of Islam such that we'll feel warm and tingly from head to toe, and that none harbours so much as a trace of a desire to insert sharia into our body politic by stealth.

Update: Some annual events that have not been declared by the current government (or any other previous government): Hinduism History Month, Jewish History Month, Catholic History Month, Lutheran History Month, Mormon History Month, Buddhist History Month, Wiccan History Month, Seventh Day Adventism History Month...

Update: Keynote speaker at the upcoming Department of National Defense Islamic History Month event, the CIC's Dr. Iman Zijad Delic, 'splained back in '07 that "Free Speech Has Limits." Sure 'nuff, imam--"limits" under sharia and "limits" under Canadian "human rights" legislation, both of which mesh together quite nicely.

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CrossMuslims said...

Systematic lying to the infidel, must be considered part and parcel of Islamic tactics.