Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who's the Boss?

According to the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, employees with young children are, because they have the "right" to tell an employer who wants them to transfer them to shove it and still be able retain their jobs. Darcy Henton in the National Post has the story:
Edmonton - The Canadian Human Rights Commission has declared young parents have a right not to move, in a decision that orders the Canadian National Railway to rehire three women fired for refusing to transfer to another province.
The ruling, issued yesterday, says parents with young children are protected from discrimination under the rights act, and could have widespread implications for other employers. "We are now looking forward to working with CN and other federally regulated employers to implement the principles arising out of this decision," said commission spokeswoman Suzanne Sauve-Hiron.
The CN case involves three women who all cited family reasons for being unable to relocate from Jasper, Alta., for temporary postings in Vancouver in 2005. Kasha Whyte, Denise Seeley and Cindy Richards all lost their jobs.
Commission chairman Michel Doucet ruled CN's actions were wilful and reckless, saying senior railway managers ignored their responsibilities under the company's discrimination policy...
So now asking people with kids to transfer temporarily is considered "discrimination"? Is it just me, or is this ever-expanding category broadening to the point where it has nothing to do with "discrimination" but has become an excuse for and a way to disguise a Marxist form of power redistribution?

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