Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trembling On The Brink, Indeed

I watched Gigi on the tube the other night, so you can blame Louis Jourdan and Alan Jay Lerner (as well as A-jad's UN speech) for this one:

Are we big fools who've lost our minds
Or are we dangerously blind to what you'll do?
Oh, A-jad...
Why, you've been mouthing off again--
What else is new?'re such a funny, awful,
Awkward little creep.
Oh yes, and hearing you I know
That we're in doo doo deep!
A-jad...while you were trembling on the brink
What were the kafir leaders thinking; who can tell?
Oh, A-jad, how could lame santions keep
Their nukes from Is-ra-el?
When will you spark an atom bomb

With panache and great aplomb?
Or will a miracle
Defuse your brand of Islam?

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