Monday, September 20, 2010

Witchy Women

Further to the news about the Delaware Tea Party chick who triumphed over the mainstream Republican guy and who is taking her lumps for past views about masturbation and witchcraft (though presumably she doesn't plan to run on a pro-Wicca/anti-self-pleasuring platform), I would like to add my only brush--sort of--with that pagan faith. (Let's leave aside the self-pleasuring angle for now, shall we?) Some years ago, when we were looking to adopt a baby, we became aware of all sorts of, ahem, interesting adoption arrangements. Perhaps the, well, kookiest, were adoptive parents who were given a birth mother's thumbs up providing they agreed to raise the baby, a girl, in her birth mother's religion--Wicca. The prospective parents so agreed, and baby "Tabitha" was duly indoctrinated in the faith.  As much as me and my husband wanted to adopt at the time and had no problem with the concept of open adoption, we both agreed that, had it been us, the Wicca thing would have been a deal-breaker.

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