Monday, September 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

It's early in the morning, but I'm prepared to accord the honour to David Solway. He notes re our sappy, supine "betters" who trash Western civ. even as they pay tribute to Islam (his emphasis):
It is difficult to disentangle the psychological and historical vectors at work in these orgies of renunciation, but it is also hard to repress the suspicion that, at the barometric levels of the cultural sensibility, almost our entire cultural elite and their millions of followers really do want to submit to their own eclipse and that the Islamists may be right in believing that the West is ripe for the plucking.
The line that popped into my head to describe the enervated, apologetic elite is by John Keats. They are "half in love with easeful death"--that being the all but inevitable result of sleath jihad facilitated by political correctness.

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