Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'Racism' or Self-Preservation?

Islamists and leftists have figured out that in these times of finely-tuned political correctness, the best way to get mosque-balkers and jihad-jeerers to shut up and swallow their agenda (sharia for the Islamists; socialism/Marxism for the lefties) is to brand the grumblers with a great, big "R" for "racist." Chistopher Hitchens comments re this effective tactic:
A huge number of liberals have already decided that in some way Muslims constitute a race of their own, or at any rate that criticism of their religion can be construed as "racist." (The fact that the Quran contains many racist observations about Jews will mean that this card can and will be used to turn an almost infinite number of tricks. Still, I predict that liberals will regret handing Muslims such a handy alibi for any criticism of their faith.)
I predict they won't since, since liberals never have regrets, the liberal mind being a regret-free zone. Here's what Robert Spencer has to say on the same topic, and how the race card is being deployed by Muslim Bro' homeboy Congressman Keith Ellison who complains that Muslims are being "scapegoated" today in the same way that Jews and others were 'goated in the past:
In the first place, there is no such scapegoating: Hate crimes against Muslims are actually quite rare. But also, the comparison is entirely fallacious because none of the groups Ellison names as previous "scapegoats" were carrying out terror attacks against Americans and others worldwide.

They weren't justifying violence and hatred by reference to Catholic or Jewish teaching. The people who were worried about the pope running the country could point to no action by the pope to try to achieve such power. The Muslim Brotherhood, in contrast, is dedicated in its own words to "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within" so that Islam "is victorious over other religions."

The idea that non-Muslims are suspicious of Muslims out of bigotry, rather than out of a legitimate concern for both jihad terror and the utterly supine and often disingenuous response to it from peaceful and ostensibly moderate Muslims is nonsense of such an outstanding character that I wonder if Ellison himself even believes it, rather than simply seeing it as a useful line he can use to bamboozle the besotted leftists who elected him to Congress.
I've said it before, I'll say it again: There is a religious plot to comandeer the planet, only it isn't secret and it sure ain't Jewish. And, oh yeah, not all members of the religion have signed on to it--but that doesn't change the reality of the plot's existence. Nor do members of that religion get to hitch a free ride on the canard about the Jews (which has never been true; anyone who knows anything about Jews knows that at no time have we ever been able to come together and agree on anything, much less global conquest).

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