Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Globe Morphing Into Star?

From a full page letter to readers in today's Globe and Mail announcing the paper's redesign:
At the Globe, we strive to inspire conversation and shape national debate by addressing the issues that matter to you most, and those that impact this country. This fresh chapter in the Globe's history will kick off with an eight-week series titled "Canada: Our Time to Lead."
Wow. Can't wait to read that. It sounds as compelling as the current batch of "issues" the Globe has placed front and centre--the long gun registry and the long form census standoff--and every bit as riveting as punchline of the old joke about the (made up) book title Americans voted the most boring one ever: "Canada, Our Northern Neighbor." Sounds to me like the fuddy-duddy Globe is looking to retool itself into, well, a facsimile of the Toronto Star, the nation's foremost "progressivist" rag. I guess we can look forward to much more in the Star's "activist" vein--pro-Palestinian screeds, anti-American/Western "news," a squishy multiculti and eco-hysteria ethos, and genuflections to "Islam, the religion of peace"--in the all "new" Globe (though, shockeroo, sans Rick Salutin, who appears to be a casualty of the "change").

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