Monday, September 20, 2010

Clean Up on Wiki Aisle 5

Anyone researching Mark Steyn on Wikipedia, that PoMo 'Netcyclopedia, will be presented with this gobsmacking "fact" (my bolds):
In the course of a 2010 column for Maclean's,[29] Steyn accused the Canadian Jewish Congress, who he often criticizes, of supporting what he called the "ubiquitous campus Judenhass" and a user of the term "kikeroaches" while criticising Ann Coulter, who he called "a great defender of the state of Israel"…
What Steyn actually wrote was this:
Given a choice between a steadfast friend of Israel and the new and ubiquitous campus Judenhass, the CJC characteristically chose the latter.
Rather different than the dreadfully-written Wiki line, no? As for "kikeroaches," it comes from this:
3) The dinosaur media are vast lumbering eunuchs too cowed by political correctness to do even elementary research. Fatima Al Dhaher, the poor wee thing traumatized by Ann Coulter's camel joke, turns out to be a Jew-hater who wants to eliminate the State of Israel, and belongs to a group who regard Jews as "subhuman" "zionazis/kikeroaches". But that's too complicated for the media to fit into their Sesame Street narratives.
So, yes, he is "a user of the term 'kikeroaches'," but as you can see not exactly in the way the Wiki entry would have you believe.

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