Friday, January 28, 2011

Beheader Mo Asks You To Feel His Pain

Behold the most shameless defence stratagem EVAH. From the Buffalo News:
Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan told jurors Thursday that his wife, Aasiya, was in such denial of her own abusiveness that he once gave her a book containing a quiz to identify abusers.
He suggested she take it privately and come to terms with her true nature.

He made the suggestion kindly, he said.

"I told her, 'You don't have to share the results with me.'"

The man charged in his wife's brutal murder took the stand on the seventh day of trial and spent nearly 4 1/2 hours telling jurors that he was the real victim — the hurt, bullied, vulnerable and broken one.

"Her need for control and domination was just killing me," he said.

He portrayed Aasiya as a selfish, demanding, jealous and rage-fueled woman who would scream, throw things, threaten and hit him whenever he didn't agree with her or give in to her demands.
He portrayed himself as a mild-mannered, reasonable and easygoing man who felt neglected, rejected and devalued by his wife.
"I tried to verbalize my hurt and pain from her behavior," he told jurors. "I felt like I was hitting a thick stone wall."...
"She's headless and dead, but  I'M the victim."

Like I said, shameless.

Mo and his "selfish, demanding, jealous and rage-fueled" wife, prior to her decapitation

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