Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Silence Is Golden (for Those Who Want to Hear Only the Sound of Their Own Voices)

Lorne Gunter has it right re those those who bemoan the lack of "civility" in political discourse. What they really want, he writes,
is for [their] opponents to pipe down so those who advocate positions [they] like can have the microphone to themselves.
Exactly. And more often than not, the plea to pipe down occurs at times when convervatives hold the reigns of power. How often, for instance, did we hear calls for "civility" back in the days when the incivil were equating a hated president with monkeys 'n' Hitler and imaging various creative ways of doing him in?

Both globally and locally, "civility" is a power play, a ruse and an excuse to put the kibosh on speech that contravenes sharia and/or the secular (false) Gods of PC.

Update: Liberals' hate speech double standard

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