Saturday, January 22, 2011

The NYT Disses 'Modern Family'

How can the show ever survive this diss?
The particulars of the Pritchett-Tucker family may be different from those of the Huxtables, Bunkers or Cleavers. There are second marriages to immigrants, adolescent husbands who never grew up, gay dads. But the core values are the same. Perhaps that’s why a study last year listed “Modern Family” as the third-most popular show among Republicans. In its fundamentally conservative vision, “Modern Family” turns out to be not so modern after all.
Ouch. If "Republicans" like it, you know it can't be any good. At least the Times scribbler didn't call it "Sarah Palin's favorite TV show." That would have sounded its death knell for sure.

Update: And speaking of "death knells," the extreme left's most beloved academic, Noam Chomsky (who, I must say, really seems to have his sh*t together), believes that the GOP victory last fall is "the death knell for the human species."

Not that that's nuts and completely overwrought, or anything.

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