Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why the Lars Hedegaard Show Trial Matters

Hedegaard is being prosecuted in Denmark for violating that democracy's version of our Section 13--and the only people who seem to care about the abomination are "extreme right-wingers" (the convenient catch-all for anyone who opposes the onrush of Islam). Mark Steyn writes:
That is why the Lars Hedegaard trial matters. The zombie husks who lead the western world in twilight pass off their groveling prostration as a defense of “multicultural tolerance”. It's not. It’s the Pansy Left (in Orwell’s phrase) auditioning to be Islam’s lead prison bitch (that’s mine, not Orwell’s). In the same way that the left embarked on its long march through the institutions, so too has Islam. Its Gramscian subversion of transnational bodies, international finance, human rights institutions, the academy and the justice system is well advanced.
Hence starch-for-brains Cpl. William Russett and the RCMP's "interfaith"/"diversity" ethos which prompts it to apologize to Muslims for arresting some of their lads during the holy month of Ramadan. Hence our federal government contemplating whether or not to kowtow to the likes of Cuba, Iran and the UNHRC (instead of telling them all to take a long hike off a short pier). Hence an entire bleeping month of the Canadian calendar earmarked every year for da'wa and historical revisionism. Hence the Canadian publisher of the Danish Motoons being chastized in a court of law for daring to "denormalize" our quasi-totalitarian "human rights" system. Hence an airport security instrument--the "Randomizer"--that, for purposes of political correctness having nothing to do with security, selects people at random so that no one can complain of being "profiled."

I could go on (and on), but I think you catch the drift (or avalanche, more like).

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