Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hindy's Leaky Roof and Other Tales of Woe

Aly Hindy, radical cleric of Toronto's capacious Salaheddin mosque, 'fesses up to taking money from the Wahhabis--but only after the Joooos had scooped up all the available government coin. Stewart Bell has the report:
...The mosque’s overseas funding came to light in its latest tax return, which shows $250,000 in revenues from “sources outside Canada” in 2009 — the first year that registered charities such as the Salaheddin Islamic Centre were required to single out their foreign revenues.

The mosque’s 2010 tax return is not yet available but in a news release last February, the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C., said the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank had approved $400,000 to the Salaheddin centre to help it buy a school in Mississauga, a Toronto suburb. The announcement was listed under the heading “grants and special assistance projects.”

Imam Hindy said 2009 was the first year the mosque had accepted foreign donations. Initially, he said the money came from the governments of Kuwait and Qatar, which each contributed about US$100,000 toward a $1-million mosque renovation. Later, he said he was not sure of the sources, saying the money might have come from Kuwait, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates.

The imam said the renovations were needed because the roof was leaking and had to be replaced at a cost of $150,000. The prayer room is also being downsized to make room for more classrooms for an Islamic school.

He said he had applied twice to the Canadian government for funding to pay for security cameras and lights but was turned down. He said he later saw the list of those who got funding under the same federal program. “All the names are Jewish,” the imam said. While he said Jewish organizations need government funding for security, he said, “also we are at risk.”...
Yeah, isn't it a bitch that the greedy Jews ran off with all the "security" cash and there was none left over for Hindy's flock? And wasn't it nice of those charity-minded Wahhabis to pony up the shekels so that Hindy could, er, fix his roof? Which leads, inevitably, to the most pressing question: Exactly how dumb does Hindy think we are?

Update: Hindy sings!

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