Friday, January 21, 2011

Zakat Racket?

The gent who heads up ISNA Canada, a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot, responds to allegations in the Toronto Star that hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable donations to his racket organization earmarked for "the poor" appear to have, um, gone astray:
Dear Brothers/Sisters, Assalaamu Alaikum:
Alhamdulillah in my 32 years of service to ISNA Canada and the Muslim community I have always carried out my duties and responsibilities with the utmost integrity, honesty and professionalism. As a founding member of ISNA Canada, I take great pride in the organization’s success and its many wonderful accomplishments. I am therefore deeply saddened by the allegations that have been made against myself, ISNA and my family. This paints a very unfair picture of myself and ISNA Canada. These allegations are absolutely unfounded and my family and I will respond accordingly. However, due to the sensitive nature of these issues, I cannot comment further at this time.
Mohammad Ashraf, Ph.D.
Secretary General
No doubt the whole thing is a big misunderstanding and the money will turn up in short order. ('Cuz, really, all it takes is one phone call to some moneybags in Riyadh and, presto, you can flush again.)

Update: Someone named UrduSpeaker comments:
what a shame really, this was a headline in the news paper today, the biggest muslim organization here, I wonder how small charities do. I know there is pakistani islamic charity who does this, yet people still keep donating to it. The imam of that organization lives in a luxury condo

This is what happens when these people bring the culture of corruption and mismanagement from our countries to these western countries, what a bad image these things give us.

Maybe they should audit every organization, because seriously nobody is trustworthy in this world no matter how so called "islamic" they are
Update: More shady ISNA Canada shenanigans--it put an extremist dude on its payroll in order to circumvent an order to deport his jihadi arse.

Update: Another way ISNA rakes it in--by offering a fill-in-the-blanks will for Muslims which includes a section allowing the brother or sister to leave money to ISNA and other Muslim charities.

Update: The missing 600 Gs is very likely a drop in the bucket of unaccounted for zakat shekels. This OMNI News report (h/t Matt) quotes a Pakistani-Canadian newspaper proprieter who says, "There is money that comes every Friday after the prayer, and there is no record of those money because that is all cash..."


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