Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Tad Overwrought, No?

I refer to the cover of the current issue of Maclean's which purports to explain "HOW ARIZONA HAPPENED".  By way of explanation it ventures that what happened exemplifies the "MADNESS IN AMERICA" engendered by: 
A gun-crazed culture.
Rampant mental illness.
Hate-fueled politics.
Oh, dear. And here was me thinking that, even in the absence of Limbaugh and Palin; even if elephants and donkeys had some time ago stopped grunting and braying and started singing "Kumbaya," whackjob Loughner would still have been stirred by voices in his head to shoot the Congresswomen who had rebuffed his incoherent question at an earlier event.

Here in Canada, of course, we're ever so much saner more civilized  (at least in our own Charter of Rights and Freedom-addled minds).

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