Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mohammed Ashraf: Karma Chameleon

File this one under "He Who Laughs Last...": Mark Harding reminds me that Mohammed Ashraf, the ISNA Canada chief whose allegedly shady financial finagling have recently come to light, is the same dude who took it upon himself to "re-educate" Harding about Islam's teachings vis-a-vis believers and kafirs. Harding had been been send by a judge to ISNA Canada to perform menial office tasks--licking envelopes and the like--as part of the community service he had to do following a conviction for "hate speech" against Muslims. (Really, the prescient Harding had been warning people pre-9/11 of the possibility of impending attacks in North America by violent jihadis--so obviously remote a possibility in those blissfully ignorant times that what else could it be but "hate speech"?)

Continuing with the "last laugh" theme: if and when Ashraf has to perform community service, the judge should send him to do menial office tasks at, say, the church Harding attends, or at AISH.

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MONSTER said...

Oh my, if I ever do something that I get sent to the ISNA to do community service what fun I will have. Least of all my fondness for BLTs.