Thursday, January 27, 2011

Festering Jew-Hate in The Muslim

In a delightfully unhinged rant in local Muslim rag The Muslim, lovely and talented "revert" Yvonne Ridley, a keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the "moderate" Canadian Islamic Congress, describes Israel thus:
And for why? For Israel, a festering pustule not the size of a South African game park, squatting in the Middle East. The creation of this nuclear-powered Frankenstein State and the determination to force it on Arabs will turn out to be America and Britain's biggest ever mistake.
Such a way with words, that chick has. Why, it calls to mind the passion and eloquence of Herr Adolf Hitler.

Update: The radical chick inspired the following song revision:

Some enchanted Yvonne,
You can hear the Jew-hate,
You can hear the Jew-hate
About a small "pustule".
And somehow you know,
You know even then
She sounds so incredibly
Once you have heard her
Have to go and puke.
Once you have heard her


Admin said...

In the case of this brain dead victim of Stockholm Syndrome, I do believe that the burqa is an improvement.

Black Mamba said...

She's emphasizing how small Israel is, "not the size of a South African game park".

If it's so teeny, Yvonne, why all the fuss?

Would you prefer the place if it were bigger?

scaramouche said...

Yes, but she's also emphasizing that Israel is just like South Africa (in it's apartheid incarnation)--the real point of her "game park" metaphor.

Thermblog said...

Israel is sometimes described as equivalent in size to the Kruger National Park. Her reference is likely reminiscent of that although I expect that the Apartheid link jogged her memory.

scaramouche said...

It's also sometimes described as equivalent in size to New Jersey. It all depends, natch, on the worldview of the person doing the describing.

Marty said...

All I can say is: what a stupid, ignorant bitch.