Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ugly Nekkid People Have 'Rights', Too

The "right" to flap their kit and caboodles at the unsuspecting chick manning the drive-through window at Tim Horton's, for instance. From the National Post:
Canadian laws prohibiting public nudity are an infringement of constitutional rights, an Ontario court will hear Tuesday.
Prominent defence lawyer Clayton Ruby was expected to argue current laws in Canada prohibiting nudity in public places, or on private property exposed to public view, are overly broad, and should be struck down and the laws under the Criminal Code updated.

According to the Federation of Canadian Nudists, these laws are archaic because they define nudity as generally "indecent" and intended to cause "harm" to those who witness it.

The challenge is being launched on behalf of Mr. Ruby's client, Brian Coldin, a nudist resort operator in Bracebridge, a small cottage country town about two hours north of Toronto. Mr. Coldin, who has been arrested numerous times over the years for public nudity, was charged last year with five counts related to incidents between April 2008 and May 2009 near his resort and at both Tim Hortons and A&W drive-throughs.

The criminal trial, which began last fall, heard testimony from one of the restaurant workers who cried on the stand when she described how Mr. Coldin and two others drove up to the pick-up window completely nude. She said Mr. Coldin and the driver both pretended to reach for their imaginary wallets to pay for their orders, causing their genitals to sway back and forth...
Oh those nudists! Such jokers, no?

Update: I think oppressed nudists deserve their own space in Canada's "human rights" mausoleum, don't you. It could be called "the Nudity Zone." I have no doubt it would quickly become the edifice's most popular exhibit.


Al the Fish said...

When I go to A&W that's not the type of Whistle Dog I want to see or eat!

scaramouche said...

I'd love to hear the girl in the takeout window ask the nudies as they pretend to search for their wallets, "You fries with those things?"

MONSTER said...

All though I am a fan of the nude female form there are some people that being nude in public should be aressted for committing a crime against humanity. That would include most of us.