Monday, January 24, 2011

ISNA (Continental) Disses ISNA-Canada

The financial irregularities at ISNA Canada have prompted this smackdown response from ISNA's head office, which appears to be doing its level best to distance itself from the Canadian scandal:
ISNA encourages ISNA Canada Board to Continue Investigation of Alleged Mismanagement

Earlier today, ISNA-Canada, a separate legal and financial entity from ISNA (Continental), contacted our executive council in light of allegations of a serious violation of donor intent that has occurred in their organization, as reported in the Canadian newspaper, The Star, publicly detailing the events at ISNA-Canada.

A recent independent audit, ordered by the new ISNA-Canada board, points to possible mis-management of funds by ISNA-Canada’s Secretary General Mohammad Ashraf. As reported in the Toronto Star, “ISNA-Canada’s board of directors is in the midst of retaining the services of an independent auditor to conduct a more thorough audit.”

ISNA-Canada’s new President, Mohamed Bekkari, ordered the audit soon after his election after identifying unusual management practices undertaken by Ashraf. When the results of the audit uncovered irregularities, ISNA-Canada board removed all financial authority from Ashraf and began a vigorous reformation of financial protocols at the organization.

Trust is of the utmost importance in Islam and to Muslims, especially when it comes to Islamic organizations that must uphold the trust of the community. The Quran states, “And they who are to their trusts and their promises attentive” (23:8), “O you who have believed, fulfill [all] contracts [covenants, or trusts]” (5:1), “[those who] fulfill their promise when they promise (2:177).”

“A violation of the community’s trust is extremely serious and that is why it is extremely important that transparency is observed during the investigation of this apparent breach of trust,” said ISNA (Continental) Secretary General Safaa Zarzour.

We also want to reassure our donors that, as a completely separate legal and financial entity, ISNA (Continental) operates under an entirely separate board of directors and secretary general from ISNA-Canada and we have stringent financial controls in compliance with laws governing nonprofits in the U.S...
Apparently not stringent enough, though, to prevent it from illegally siphoning funds to Hamas via the Holy Land Foundation.

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