Sunday, January 23, 2011

Judenhass Segues into Zionhass

We've come a long way from the days when "the Jews" were accused of a variety of nefarious and deadly dealings. Post-Shoah, it wouldn't do to blame Jewry in general, but there's no problemo pinning all the bad stuff on Jews who uphold Israel's Jewishness, a.k.a. "the Zionists." Writes American Thinker Mark Cantora:
One might be excused for thinking that the old "Jews poisoned the well" libel was long dead and gone. But while the international media froths at the mouth over a former vice presidential candidate's use of a phrase referencing disgusting libels against Jews, Middle Eastern dignitaries, politicians, and mobs get away with actually creating new anti-Semitic libels. And even as every single alleged (and false) Israeli atrocity against the Arabs of the disputed territories is incessantly reported and re-reported, anti-Semitic accusations bandied about by Arabs and Muslims throughout the Middle East languish in the "not important enough to care" portions of Big Media.

We are less than one month into 2011, and the intensity and ridiculousness of the accusations against Zionist (read "Jewish") interlopers has already reached a fever pitch. Most recently, the speaker of the Iranian parliament blamed the Zionists for the political uprising against the government in Tunisia, the breakup of the government coalition in Lebanon, and the splitting of the Sudan into two independent countries. That same parliament speaker, among others, also spent January telling anybody who would listen that the murder of Lebanese politician Rafik Hariri, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon's subsequent investigation into Hariri's death, and the death of Iranian nuclear scientists were all just the results of Zionist plots against the Muslim world.
Also recently blamed on the worldwide Zionist conspiracy was the bombing of a Coptic Church in Egypt, the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque (a perennial favorite, seeing as how this mosque has purportedly been in the process of "being destroyed" for the past hundred years), and the writing of Harry Potter -- presumably a plot by the Zionists to encourage the use of Quidditch brooms in place of suicide bomb belts. If only.
One wonders how those wily Jews find the time among all these man-behind-the-curtain acts to actually build those "obstacles to peace" -- otherwise known everywhere else in the world as "towns."...
If only we got the Harry Potter royalties, too. That would really help the cause.

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