Thursday, February 23, 2012

And Speaking of Zionhass, Meet Ginette Lamarche, a Big Liar Employed by Taxpayer-Funded Radio-Canada (the French Part of the Ceeb)

In the Ceeb's toxic leftist ethos, the ends--exacting "justice" for Palestinian "victims"--justifies the means--doing dirt to their depraved Zionist "victimizers." All while claiming to be unbiased, of course. Sun Media's Eric Duhaime explains how it works:
Last Friday, CBC ombudsman Pierre Tourangeau severely reprimanded the Crown corporation and Ginette Lamarche, Radio-Canada’s Middle East correspondent, for their biased reports on Israel.

Of five complaints tabled by Honest Reporting Canada, Tourangeau concluded that Lamarche’s reports violated Radio-Canada’s standards for accuracy, balance and impartiality.

He even stated there was an “appearance of bias” and pushed his mandate as ombudsman to its limit by inviting the management to an in-depth discussion with Lamarche on her arguments and findings.

Unfortunately, it was not Lamarche’s first misstep in this regard.

Last November, in three other decisions, the ombudsman rebuked the same reporter following complaints from the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

CBC/Radio-Canada even had to admit that a quote included in one of her reports had been completely fabricated. The source, simply presented as Maurice, actually never said what Lamarche reported.

Diffusing information about the most publicized conflict in the world is not an easy task.

Unfortunately, there are practically no other French Canadians that have the privilege of being paid to live there and report on what’s going on in that hot region.

When the leftist biases are expressed daily on the Crown corporation’s airwaves on national issues, there is at least a counterweight in other media to allow listeners to hear both sides and form their own opinions.

This is not the case in French Canada with news from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

As much as we commend the ombudsman’s diligence in this matter, we need to question the laxness of CBC’s management, which refuses to discipline its delinquent reporter...
Discipline her? I predict she'll get a raise or a promotion, or that she'll make a lateral move to Al Jazeera, which has recruited a number of Ceebers (the Ceeb serving as something of an A-J farm team).

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