Monday, February 27, 2012

I Guess Making Something Out of Papier Mâché Would Be Out of the Question?

Here, in its entirety, is an e-mail from my kid's art teacher:
The Grade 8 students are currently completing their footwear sculpture made from recycled materials. Upon completion, students will write an artist statement to explore what elements and principles of design were applied to their sculpture.
To gain further awareness of one’s personal daily influences which impact our carbon footprint, students viewed the two videos: What’s the deal with carbon? and How to reduce a carbon footprint
This led to conclusions and questions regarding one’s carbon footprint. For example:
Our daily actions impact the enviorment. These actions influence our carbon footprint.
How warm is your home when you wake up? Could the thermostat be lower?
Did you leave the water running while you were brushing your teeth this morning?
Are your clothes made from recycled materials?
Was your breakfast made from local ingredients? How far did the fruit on your cereal travel to get to your table?
If you stopped for a beverage at a the local coffee shop, did you use their paper cup or did you bring your own?
How did you get to school? Did you walk, drive alone, use public transit or carpool? Could you have carpooled ?
What did you bring for lunch and how is it packaged?
What are you doing to reduce, reuse and recycle to lessen your carbon footprint?
How can we help reduce our carbon footprint in terms of our daily choices?
Upon reading this missive I've decided to look into ways of increasing my carbon footprint. By a lot. I'm also planning to take my son to see the Picasso exhibit when it comes to the AGO. Not only because he's fascinated by that artist's Guernica, but because it could well be the only art history he learns all year in an "art" class where art takes a backseat to eco-gobbledygook.

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