Sunday, February 26, 2012

Harpoon Siddiqui's Litany of Infidel Insults to Islam

Read it today in the Toronto Star as the paper's resident shill for the Islamic civilization slams the kafir for his failure to submit like a good little dhimmi exercise all due cultural sensitivity:
Cultural illiteracy continues to hobble Americans. Their nighttime raids violate one of the most dearly-held Afghan traditions, that of the privacy of their homes, especially women.  
Equally offensive is to have dogs sniff at their possessions, especially food and clothing.
There has also been the desecration of the dead, in violation of the Geneva Conventions.  
In 2010, some Americans posed with corpses of Afghan civilians gunned down by rogue soldiers. This year, a video emerged of Marines in combat gear urinating on three Afghan corpses.

Afghans also know that some of the scandalous tactics of Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq were used in Afghan detention camps.

There’s the desecration of Islam as part of the cultural warfare on Muslims in the post-9/11 period.

The 2006 Danish cartoons were designed to defame Muhammad, as per the self-admission of their creators.

That same year, Pope Benedict made demonstrably false assertions about the Qur’an and Muhammad, statements he later apologized for, in language not all that different from what we’ve heard in the last few days. His Holiness was sorry, he had not meant to utter those unholy words, had not meant to offend anyone, etc.
Man, we suck. No wonder those on the receiving end of our blasphemy hate us so.

Update: "As a columnist, Siddiqui said he has worked to “give a voice to the voiceless; that is what we do at the Star." So that's what he's doing. And here I was thinking he was giving voice to a sharia agenda that comes through only too loud and clear. Goes to show what I know. (You can see why Harpoon the altruist, voice-giver to the voiceless, keeps scooping up medals from the clueless.)

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