Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hillary the Fool

So far all the countries associated with what had been dubbed "the Arab Spring" have elected governments which hew to sharia, a set of laws that are the antithesis of Western-style democracy. And yet there's silly Hillary Clinton making an utter ass of herself in Tunisia--the place where the purported warming trend began--by pretending that A) the "spring" thing is still a go, and B) that the populace hasn't opted for sharia:
Protecting democracy is the duty of every citizen," Clinton said. "For young people here and across the region, this is a special responsibility. You were fearless on the front lines of the revolution, enduring tear gas and beatings. It takes a different kind of courage to be guardians of your new democracy."
Unbelievable. But even more unbelievably she said this:
"Transitions can be derailed and detoured to new autocracies," she told a town hall with Tunisian youth. "The victors of revolutions can become their victims. It is up to (you) to resist the calls of demagogues, to build coalitions, to keep faith in the system even when your candidates lose at the polls."
She recalled her own political loss to now-President Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries in 2008 and how she had rejected calls from her supporters not to quit the race and ultimately accepted his offer to become America's top diplomat.
Spoken by someone whose ego is such that she didn't--she couldn't--resist the siren call, and who as a result makes a fool of herself at a demagogue's behest in situations such as this. An irony that was obviously lost on her.

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