Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day a Perfect Time to "Shoot Down" State Censorship

Our lawmakers will once again be devoting time in the House of Commons today to debate the matter of state censorship as enshrined in Section 13 of Canada's Human Rights Act. The notorious provision, which was supposed to prevent Nazis and white supremacists from spewing a la Hitler has, quel ironie!, become a blunt instrument that 's being used against Jews; symbolically at least, it remains the biggest damn arrow in the quiver of anti-"blasphemy"/pro-PC types. (I use the arrow analogy because this is, after all, the day that acknowledges Cupid, who shoots his arrows of love.)

So yak it up, parliamentarians. But after that it's time to take action and shoot the sucker down.

Update: Then again, what's the point of getting rid of Section 13 if you're planning to institute a far more Draconian version of state intrusiveness?

Update: The fight for a fair and free internet

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