Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Harpoon's Poison Pen Letter to Impudent Kafirs Shows up in Elitist Foreign Policy Rag

The astonishing thing is not that the Toronto Star's Harpoon Siddiqui penned another of his trademark screeds chiding kafirs for their ignorance/insolence; heck he does that sort of thing all the time. No, the astonishing thing is that the kafirs, sorry, the dhimmis of Embassy Magazine thought so much of his musings re torched Korans (eg: "To desecrate the Scripture or to insult the Prophet is to scar the soul of a Muslim"--hey, thanks for the heads-up, H.) that they decided to repackage them for their elitist readers.

Update: "Curly" Siddiqui sings his showstopper--a list of "don'ts" for uppity infidels:

Don't draw Mohammed's face.
Don't let the Koran flame.
Don't snort if the Jews we blame.
Muslims'll rage and go nuts!
Don't support Zionists.
Their lies are a disgrace.
Drum them from the human race
Or Muslims'll rage and go nuts!
Don't go speak blasphemy
Even if you have the guts.
Kafir, mind your Q's and P's
Or "scarred" ones'll rage and go nuts!

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