Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Canadian Charger High-Fives Daffy Zafy (Bangash)

From the Islamolefty e-rag's current editorial detailing the Zion-loather's recent talk at McMaster U:
...Moreover, Mr. Bangash said President Ahmedinajad doesn't deny the Holocaust. “He asks who the perpetrators of the Holocaust were - it's well – documented that it was the Germany government. Then he asks why the Palestinians must pay the price for it.”
Although President Obama said in his State of the Union address that the United States is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and no options are off the table, Mr. Bangash said he doesn't believe the western powers will attack Iran – at least not at this time – because they understand the implications and consequences.
“Iran's nuclear facilities are wide-spread. It would be impossible to destroy all of them. Iran has thousands of missiles. They could hit U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Bahrain, the Persian Gulf and Qatar, as well as the oil in Saudi Arabia. Iran has already said, 'If you hit our missiles, we have 1,000 missiles pointed at Israel's nuclear facilities.' ”
One U.S. intelligence analyst said that an attack on Iran will only further Iranian determination to acquire nuclear weapons, causing Iranians to rally around their leader and redouble their nuclear efforts deeper underground, with no IAEA inspectors present.
Amid all this speculation about war, Mr. Bangash said war is no longer the solution to the world’s problems: negotiations are.
“They (western powers) have to negotiate with honesty. Iran said it will adhere to certain principles. As a signatory to the NPT, under article 4, it has the right to enrich uranium. If they (western powers) accept this, Iran will offer whatever assurances and guarantees the west wants.”
In an interview before his presentation, Mr. Bangash said he thinks Iran is being targeted because it has broken the international system created by the victors of WWII, which accepted U.S. supremacy.
“They (Iran's leaders) insist they want to pursue an independent policy. Every other Muslim country is dictated to by the U.S., even if it goes against their own interests. If Iran is able to set its own policy, it may set a precedent others may emulate.”
A-jad not a Holocaust denier? What a bald-faced lie! On the other hand, kudos to Zafy for being  honest about Iran's willingness to blow the Zionist entity to Kingdom Come. (Odd how Zafy bleeds for the Palestinians when they've been wronged by the Jooos but seems to care not a whit that they'll become collateral damage of a Shia nuke--as they inevitably will--since A-bombs are incapable of distinguishing between "good" Palestinians and "evil" Zionists.)

If you missed the Khomeinist's talk in Hamilton, you can always catch him on the tube.

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