Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hard on the Heels of Zafar Bangash's Appearance, Dr. Ingrid Mattson Is Coming to McMaster U

In September, 2002, Dr. Mattson, then ISNA's Veep (four years later she became the first "revert" and the first female to helm the Muslim Brotherhood creation) opined on PBS
that she did not see “any difference” between Christian leaders criticizing Islam or al Qaeda on the one hand, and Osama bin Laden citing “Islamic theology to justify violence against Americans” on the other.
She has also said, a propos American support for Israel, that
The American government has not criticized sufficiently the brutality of the Israeli government, believing that it needs to be ‘supportive’ of the Jewish state. The result is that oppression, left unchecked, can increase to immense proportions, until the oppressed are smothered with hopelessness and rage…
No doubt she will express some similarly inspirational thoughts when she brings her act to McMaster University on March 15th.

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