Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Palestine House Fights the Jizya Interuptus By Playing the "Free Speech" Card

Now that their government funding has been cut, the eliminationists are hoping supporters will send the following letter to Jason Kenney, the minister responsible for the move:
Dear Sir,
I oppose your decision to cut federal funding for the successful immigration settlement program administered by Palestine House. This decision is not based on the success of the program (which your department has recognized), but on politics. I oppose any move by the Canadian government to penalize civil society and cultural organizations in Canada based on their legitimate political views. This represents an attack on free speech and free expression in Canada, and is contributing to the steady criminalization of Palestine solidarity initiatives in Canada. I call on you to reverse your decision and to restore immediately the federal funding for Palestine House's immigration settlement program.
Thank you for your consideration.
Too late, Zion-loathers. The jig (and jizya) is up.

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