Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zion-Loathing Academics Push for the Final /"One State" Solution Again

Prof. Richard Cravatts, an expert on the subject (he'll be speaking here on the 29th), writes:
Seeming to give credence to Orwell’s observation that “some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them,” Harvard’s Kennedy School will be hosting a student-run conference in early March called “Israel/Palestine and the One-State Solution,” yet another example of how purported scholarship about the Middle East is frequently biased and diluted by ideology.
The one-state solution to the issue of what to do with the ever-suffering Palestinians is not so much an authentic, or even rational, plan for effecting statehood for Palestinian Arabs; instead, it proposes to do with votes and demography the same thing that hostile Arab armies and the PLO have themselves tried to do to Israel for the past 64 years; namely, extirpate the Jewish state — not by driving it into the sea with arms and military might, but by subsuming its Jewish identity in a sea of returning Palestinian refugees coming into to Israel to form a bi-national state.
While most in the sentient world have recognized that the only workable solution to the Israel/Palestinian issue is what has been called the “two-state solution,” that is, Israel and a new Palestinian state “living side by side in peace,” nineteen speakers at the Kennedy School conference will propose satisfactory social justice will be achieved only by deconstructing sovereign Israel and transforming it into a new state with millions of radicalized new Palestinian Arabs as citizens with equal civil and human rights, and the ability, of course, to vote on what form the future Israel will take.
Only a really "smart" intellectual (or a really big Jew-hater--or both) would want to scotch the only functional, productive part of a dysfunctional landscape for the sake of some demented ideal of "social justice."

As for sentient beings seeing a "two-state solution" as the only viable one--respectfully, I must beg to differ with the good professor. Brimming over with sentience as I am, I know that as long as Muslims hew to the Koran and its depiction of Jews as the lowest of the low, the devout will never be able to countenance a Jewish flag flying over what they consider to be their land.

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