Friday, February 24, 2012

And We'll Be Effed, Effed, Effed 'Til the Voters Take His White House Away...

The news that the Beach Boys have embarked on a 50th Anniversary Tour (even though at the Grammys Brian Wilson looked a lot like the title character in Weekend at Bernie's) inspired the following rewrite:

Well, she wanted some McDonald's
But couldn't even cruise a mile toward it.
Seems she forgot that gas cost way too much
And now it seemed she couldn't afford it.
And with the prices kiting sky-high
Looks like folks are gonna soon want to hoard it.
And we'll be effed, effed, effed
'Til the voters take the White House away.

Well, you knew all along
Obama walked, spoke and thought like Alinsky.
But he's so cute that, well, shoot!,
You up and swooned and then all fell for his spin-sky.
And now you're payin' the price--
But will it mean that he is soon a has-been-sky?
'Cuz we'll be effed, effed, effed 'til the voters
Take his White House away.

Well, you nixed the Keystone pipeline--
Would've brought the people great relief now.
And your focus on "renewables"
Quite simply it's beyond our belief now.
So now the question is:
What will we do to end our--
And bring you some--grief now?
'Cuz we'll be effed, effed, effed 'til we voters
Take your White House away.

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