Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thomas L. Friedman's Big Idea Would "Doolittle" to Save the Country

Thomas "Henry Higgins" L. Friedman thinks there's no way forward for the GOP and America unless Republicans let go of their bedrock principles, their core values, and become more like, well, him. Here he is mulling it over--in song:

Why can't Republicans be more like the Dems?
Dems are so caring, so thoroughly kind.
More loving companions you never will find.
Who have a list of all the "good" things that they'll do.
Well, why can't Republicans do that, too?
Why do they love guns and God and liberty?
Don't they know that stuff is so passé?
Why are they so full of righteous certainty?
Can't they see that's not the Democrat way?
Why can't Republicans take after the Dems?
Dems are so cool, so hip and un-square.
They're all like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
Could a Republican sing Green like B. Obama?
Would they gush re that "Arab Spring" democracy?
(Of course not!)
Could they get down to work without the angst
And drama?
(Nuh uh!)
Well, why can't Republicans be

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