Monday, December 3, 2012

"Blatant Indoctrination"

What you see below is a page from my son's Grade 9 geography text book. When I was in Grade 9, eons ago, admittedly, I remember geography being about, well, geography--the life cycle of rivers, meandering streams and the like. Today, Grade 9 geography is a soupy potage of received "wisdom" and squishy progressivism--global warming/sustainable energy; how the white man cheated Canadian aboriginals out of their land; and, as seen here, how Canada, with its focus on the "role of the individual as a member of society," is ever so much superior to the U.S., with its "rights of the individual." (The book was published way back in 2006, when a Barack Obama presidency was but a mote in Oprah's eye. When it comes to discussions of collectivism and nationalized health care, it is thus so out of date as to be embarrassingly anachronistic. "Blatant indoctrination," by the way, is the phrase that escaped from my lips, to my son's great delight, when he showed me this page yesterday.)

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