Sunday, December 16, 2012

This Is Where Zionhass Leads--To British Authorities Knee-Capping Jewish Schools by De-Listing Hebrew as an Acceptable Language to Teach

I'm sure it's completely coincidental that in the U.K., where Islam is said to be the fastest growing religion, Jews are being treated with a complete lack of consideration bordering on barely disguised contempt:
The British government is planning to exclude Hebrew from a list of recognized languages in the education system. According to a report by the 'Jewish Chronicle' the Board of Deputies of British Jews warned this week that this could damage Jewish education in the country. Education Minister Elizabeth Truss announced plans last month to make it compulsory, from September 2014, to teach a foreign language to children aged seven to 11. Schools would be required to offer at least one of only seven recognized languages, excluding Hebrew, the paper reports.
Many Jewish primary schools, which have to fit in Jewish studies alongside the national curriculum, currently offer Hebrew as their only foreign language. According to the Board of Deputies, they would find it impossible to continue teaching it if they were compelled to offer another foreign language as well...
I have a hunch authorities aren't demanding the same of schools currently offering, say, Arabic or Urdu as their only foreign language. In which case, this is out-and out bigotry that's both shameless and shameful.

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Carlos Perera said...

Jews are on the whole an orderly, law-abiding, productive people. They just aren't . . . I started to say "scary," but that doesn't quite capture the sense of the way they are now perceived by the Left. Perhaps a better term would be "authentic." If Jews had rates of illegitimacy approaching 3/4, if they were feared as street thugs, if they had a high prevalence of dependence on public assistance, and-especially!--if they took to the streets to riot at the slightest provocation . . . then Jews would fairly drip "authenticity" and Hebrew would remain an "acceptable" foreign language to British school authorities.

Kate McMillan likes to remind her readers, "Not showing up to riot is a failed conservative policy." That aphorism applies to other well-behaved groups, like Jews and Tea Partiers.