Tuesday, December 4, 2012

UN Palestine Vote Exemplifies How the "International Community" Puts the Diss in Dysfunctional

Smart cookie Jennifer Rubin writes:
Last week's vote to extend non-member observer status to the Palestinians at the United Nations was a virtual primer on what is wrong with the U.N., the European Union, the Palestinian Authority and the United States when it comes to the Middle East.
One hardly needs to note that the U.N.'s Israel obsession, which takes up more of its time and elicits more Human Rights council resolutions than any issue or country on the planet, comes at a time the body can't bring itself to move against Bashar al-Assad in Syria, religious oppression of Christians in the Middle East or, goodness gracious, anything regarding the authoritarian revanchism in Georgia. Nothing to see there. Keep moving on. (This, by the way, is the "international community" in all its glory that President Obama so diligently courts.)...
And soon enough, Abbas's complaints about Israel will likely be considered the International Court in the Hague (something that could only occur as the result of the UN upgrade).

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