Thursday, December 6, 2012

TV Show Glee Displays Egregious Bigotry

Oh, not against any minority, of course. As per usual, the show goes out of its way to make members of every victim group appear as saintly as possible--especially the insufferable Kirk. No, the bigotry on display in recent episodes is against one of two groups that can be acceptably reviled--Christians, especially those of a fundamentalist bent. (The other group it's acceptable to hate: rich people--right, Ed?) For that reason, the show has tapped a fundamentalist Christian chick as its villainess du jour. She's so horrible, so obviously malevolent (a function of her belief system, the show implies), that she's tricked the "new" Rachel, a guileless sweetie burdened by a morbidly obese mom who works in the school cafeteria--into becoming bulimic.

I'm not sure if the villainess is rich as well as devoutly Christian. But, on the theory that it's more efficient to get two birds with one stone, I wouldn't be at all surprised if she were.

The malicious Christian is the blonde seen on the left; her "victim" is the brunette on the right

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