Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meet the New Islamist Sponsors, Same as the Old Islamist Sponsor

So IRFAN-Canada, the Muslim charity which was stripped of its charitable status because it kept sending shekels to Hamas, the Gaza branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, is out as the one and only sponsor of the Reviving the Islamist, oops, Islamic Spirit conference. Luckily, others have stepped up to shoulder the burden, including two sponsors which place sharia front and centre: Shariah Program, which seems to be like a Rosetta Stone course with a zany supremacist vibe; and Ijara Canada, a sharia finance effort whose slogan--"Bringing Families Home - The Sharia Way"--about says it all re its worldview.

Those two are the "gold" sponsors. The confab's "platinum" sponsor is Islamic Relief Canada, a charity associated with the Muslim Brotherhood; idiotically, the Canadian government is involved with IRC via CIDA, which, a few months ago, signed a deal to give it mucho taxpayer dinero.

And, yes, Justin Trudeau is still slated to give the keynote address at this sharia-fest.

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