Monday, December 17, 2012

So Much for "Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen Friendly Old Girl of a Town..."

These days, writes Bruce Bawer, the girl is likely to be stuck in a burqa, as, bit by bit, the burg submits to Islamization.


Carlos Perera said...

Thank you very much, Scaramouche, for sharing the audio clip of Danny Kaye singing "Wonderful Copenhagen." It brought back warm and fuzzy memories of watching _Hans Christian Andersen_ on t.v. with my parents when I was about nine years old. (I was not yet born when the movie had its theatrical release in 1952.)

How sad that when one hears the name _Copenhagen_ nowadays, it carries associations not of Hans Christian Andersen, or the Little Mermaid statue, or Tivoli Garden, or Niels Bohr, but, rather, of the Islamization of Europe. Toynbee famously said, "Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder." However, I don't think even the glum old historical pessimist meant that aphorism _literally_. Western Europe seems hell-bent on facilitating its own civilizational collapse, even inviting the replacement population into its territories. I wonder what Hans Christian Andersen would have made of _that_ story!

scaramouche said...

That musical had a number of delightful Frank Loesser songs, although I was never a huge fan of Danny Kaye. It is especially sad to see an iron veil descending in Denmark when one remembers how the Danes saved their Jews during WW2.