Sunday, December 2, 2012

How Crazy Does It Drive Harpoon Siddiqui That the Canadian Government Voted Against Palestinian "Statehood" at the UN?

I believe the operative word here is "ballistic":
The prime minister portrays himself as a staunch ally of Israel, and tends to brand those who don’t agree with him as anti-Semitic and bully them — as discovered by the Christian ecumenical group Kairos, the Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House, whose funding was cut, and Montreal-based Rights and Democracy, which was destroyed. 
In fact, what Harper has done is to take sides with the right wing in an ideological and political struggle within Israel and the Jewish diaspora. He could have sided with those who do not agree with Israeli expansionism and permanent war on the Palestinians.
...Harper has isolated Canada as well and undermined Canada’s once-honoured place in the world. 
In fact, what Harper has done is to side with the sole democracy in a region roiled by violence, recrimination, dysfunction and sharia. For that he deserves our heartiest applause. 

It takes bravery to do what Harper did--to balk at the Zion-loathers; to dare to break ranks with the OIC-led bullying majority that's determined to undo the UN's "original sin" of sanctioning a sovereign Jewish state. No wonder he drives the Toronto Star's in-house shill for all things Islamic/ist insane.

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