Friday, December 7, 2012

Funny, But I Don't Remember the Part of "Red Light, Green Light" Where Jihadis Screaming "Allahu Akbar!" Interrupted the Game

In a reductio ad absurdum, a noted Israeli pundit reduces Israel's problems, both external and external, to old timey kiddie school yard game, Red Light, Green Light. In case you're not familiar with it (or to refresh your memory), it involved a kid saying "green light" (for "go") or "red light" (for "stop"), until one of the other kids won by crossing the line or tourching the wall at the other end of the yard. The smartypants sees this game as a metaphor for Israel's experience:
Israel was founded on a noble and large dream. Our future will be secured when we stay loyal to our foundations and aspirations. As in Red Light, Green Light, we have to move cautiously. If we want to win, truly win, however, and by that I mean to create a viable, productive, prosperous Jewish, democratic state at peace with our neighbors, we are also going to have to keep our eyes open for opportunities to dare, when a bold move can change the outcome.

Let’s play this game. Let’s play it well. Let’s always remember our true goals. If we do so, we will continually progress is the right direction.

There will be stops and starts, and at times we will be sent back to the beginning. But at the end, we will touch the wall together.
No you won't. And to think you ever will is moony, and, yes, dangerous Utopianism.

Update: While one noted pundit finds himself lost in childhood reveries, another notices a distinct deterioration in the school's neighbourhood.

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