Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How's That for a "Rite of Passage"--a Lap Dance From Hugh Jackman?

The NatPo's Rebecca Tucker describes a "charming" showbiz custom:
Amanda Seyfried may have starred alongside Hollywood heavyweights Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson in Chloe and held her own against Meryl Streep in Mama Mia!, but everyone knows you only really come of age in Hollywood once Hugh Jackman has given you a lap dance — which, finally, is exactly what happened to the Les Miserables star on the occasion of her 27th birthday.
Jackman, who plays the father of Seyfried’s Cosette in Les Mis — “It’s one of those father daughter relationships,” he apparently joked while gyrating atop the 27-year-old actress — did the deed onstage at Porter House, in New York City, where the cast of the upcoming film were celebrating an early screening. “Tonight is a special night, and I am going to sing one song,” Jackman said before calling Seyfried onstage, commanding her to sit down, then getting all up on her...
M'kay. From where I sit, though, it appears that Hugh's the kind of cheapskate who would sooner flap his goods in his co-stars' faces than to buy 'em an actual present.

What say you to that, Mrs. Hugh Jackman?

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