Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bob Rae's Priorities--Ensuring We Contintue to Pony Up the Shekels for "Palestine" AND, Even More Crucially, Halting Israeli Construction

The interim Liberal leader is pleased by government assurances that we won't summarily stop the money flow, but is far more concerned about Jews building stuff:
Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae said he was reassured by the decision, but he criticized [Foreign Affairs Minister John] Baird for not speaking out against the new Israeli settlement plan.

“I’m not sure we needed to go to all the trouble of recalling all the four ambassadors to come to that very simple conclusion,” said Rae.

“I think the issue of the day now is what is the position of Mr. Baird with respect to the decision of the government of Israel to go ahead with the construction of 3,000 new homes on the West Bank,” he added.

“This clearly represents a problem. It is not within the policy framework that Canada has had since 1967 under Mr. Mulroney, under every Liberal and Conservative government since that time.”
High time for a change, then, no? (Funny how those on the Left are so gung ho for "change"--provided it's the sort of "change" they want to see. Otherwise, they're as gung ho for the status quo as it gets.)

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