Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Justin: The Muslim Brothehood is Using You. It's Best to Bail While You Still Can

Beryl Wajsman sets it all out here:
 Liberal leadership candidate and Papineau MP Justin Trudeau will be giving a keynote address at the “Reviving the Islamic Spirit” conference taking place in Toronto Dec.20-23rd. Trudeau’s address is scheduled for December 22nd. The Conference’s lead, or “platinum” sponsor (website description), is an organization named Islamic Relief, and its “diamond” sponsor is an organization called IRFAN. Other featured speakers include Tariq Ramadan, Jamal Badawi and Mustafa Ceric. All have significant ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood’s first elected head of government, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, has recently introduced constitutional changes that would give him unprecedented power answerable to no authority not even the judiciary. The past two weeks have seen large-scale demonstrations in Cairo between the secular liberals who drove the Arab Spring and the supporters of Morsi and the Brotherhood who back a system based on adherence to Sharia (Islamic religious law). Sources close to the Conference expect up to 20,000 participants. The Conference website features a video trailer with martial music playing as background to slogans such as “This is our time, this is our moment.” 
On Nov. 16 nine people affiliated with Islamic Relief were charged with organizing activities for the group which the Russian Interior Ministry lists as a terrorist organization. 
Earlier in November, 18 people were detained under suspicion of being members of Islamic Relief and are accused of possession of explosives, ammunition and weapons. 
“Five of the accused are leaders of the Russian and Moscow-based cells of the organization,” the Ministry stated on Voice of Russia. Russia also lists the Muslim Brotherhood itself as a terrorist organization...
No, no, no. Everyone in the know knows that the MuBros are--now, what was that adjective the leftist media obsessively and reflexively uses to describe 'em again? oh, yeah--"pragmatic."

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Grannie said...

He's climbing right into bed with BARRY HUSSEIN OBAMA, cozying up to those murderous TYRANTS. The TRAITOR. SNAKE in the making.